20 October 2014

Reading Week!

Today is Monday, the first official day of the fall reading week.  Though since I don't have any classes on Fridays, I guess that last Friday was my first unofficial day of the fall reading week.  I am very excited about this - my first reading week in 15+ years.  And even in my previous degree, done back in the days when physiotherapy was still a Bachelor's degree, we rarely got a full week off for reading week.  Our class schedule was always a bit different than the rest of the university since we had 5-6 week clinical placements scattered throughout the years; and so our reading "weeks" often ended up as reading 2-3 days.

I have plans for this week… Mwa-ha-ha-ha.  Well, actually, most of my plans involve actual reading.  I do have schoolwork to get done.  So far, I've done the reading for 2 classes next week and written an 8-page paper due next Tuesday.  And I also want to take a day with nothing to do but read fiction - something that I haven't had much time for recently.  And on my fiction day I want to slip out to a bookstore since my current journal is almost full, plus Anne Marie MacDonald has a new book out :-)  Have I mentioned that I am a fan of fiction???  And then I want to take one day to play tourist, and see something more of this city than just my apartment, the school, and the public transit routes in between. Looking at the forecast for the week, I suspect that tomorrow will be my tourist day…

And I have another First-time-in-15+-years event coming up next week - my first midterm exam in a while.  Theological Foundations, next Tuesday morning.  Which brings me to my agenda for today - studying!  I guess I'd better get off Blogger and open up my books...


  1. Enjoy your week, your "fun" reading and being a tourist! Good luck with your mid term next week........wow.......midterm already! :)

  2. Of COURSE you would look forward to reading during Reading Week! ;). Hope you've enjoyed it ... Keep up the great work!
    Dada s