3 October 2014


In our Theological Foundations class this week, we were learning about and discussing the Trinity; and this included the concept of "perichoresis."  Our textbook (McGrath, Alister.  Christian Theology:  An Introduction) rather dryly defines perichoresis as, "the basic notion … that all three persons of the Trinity mutually share in the life of the others, so that none is isolated or detached from the actions of the others," or, "mutual interpenetration," or, "a community of being, in which each person, while maintaining its distinctive identity, penetrates the others and is penetrated by them."

OK.  Things become much more fun when you go to the Greek roots of the word.  "Peri" = "around" and "choreia" = "dance."  And so I propose the following alternate definition of perichoresis.  Do you think that I could get away with this definition on our exam?


Three girls
holding hands in a circle.
holding tight
never letting go.
Long hair flying wildly in the wind,
skirts swirling madly outward,
feet stamping out intricate choreography,
hands forever holding fast,
dancing to the music of the cosmos.
Dancing through space
dancing through time
now this one leading
now that one leading
always together
dancing the dance with no beginning
with no end
always three
always one.


  1. A+ if I were assessing you.
    Absolutely beautiful!
    Dada s

  2. Merci, Mlle P! You know that I am a bit of a fan of the Trinity...

  3. I remember our discussions during our group times about the Trinity - I think you have nailed it!

  4. Right on, and beautiful! I love the joy and the energy, and the love, of it.