12 October 2014

My Student Card

It has been a busy autumn, adjusting to being a student again after working full-time(ish) for the past 15(ish) years.  One thing that had fallen by the wayside was going to the gym.  Back at home, I normally went to the gym 3-4 times per week; and I know that I feel better and have more energy when I exercise regularly.  But knowing that this would be a major life adjustment, I gave myself permission not to feel guilty if I don't make it to the gym regularly this semester.

And for the first 5 weeks, I didn't make it there.  Partly it was because I felt overwhelmed with all the work; and partly because of the logistics of carrying my gym bag as well as my school bag across the harbour with me on the ferry/bus.

But this week, I managed to get to the gym twice!  The school that I am attending is too small to have a gym, but part of our student fees go to the school just up the street from us, and so we get access to their gym.  And a lovely gym it is too.  Clean, friendly, in good repair, and the nicest shower area of any gym I've ever been to.  All I have to do is swipe my student card, and I can get access to it all!

And that isn't the only benefit to having a student card again.

I just have to wave my student card at the bus driver or gatekeeper at the ferry terminal, and I can get on without paying.

On Tuesdays, if I show my student card at the grocery store, I can get a 10% discount on my purchases.

If I sign in with my student card, I can get access not only to the library at my school, but also the libraries of every university in the province.  And they will even deliver books that I request to my school for me within a couple of days!

So I guess being a student isn't all just hard work :-)

(my student card - it's been a few years since I last had one of these!)


  1. Are you sure they're not just giving you these perks because your photo is so darned friendly?! ;)
    Dada s