23 April 2017

The Breath of Creation

Last week, I had an opportunity to walk the outdoor labyrinth at Tatamagouche Centre.  It was a chilly not-quite-spring day, but the sun was shining and the world felt alive.  And this was my experience in the centre of the labyrinth.

The Breath of Creation

I sit upon the earth
            upon the body of creation.
I feel the breath of creation as
            the earth gently rises
            gently falls

I see the breath of creation
            dancing on waves
            swaying in trees
            playing with old, dry leaves

I hear the breath of creation
            in the cawing of crows
            in the whistling of sandpipers
            in the cry of kestrels

I feel the breath of creation
            blowing my hair
            caressing my cheek
            chilling my body

And I am at peace
            as the breath continues to move
                        in the trees
                        on the water
                        through the air
And the earth continues to
            gently rise
            gently fall


(Picture taken not from the labyrinth, but close to Tatamagouche Centre)