30 January 2015

Snow Day!

I realize that I missed a week on this blog - sorry if you are a regular follower!

On Tuesday, the school was closed for a snow day.  Remember that big storm that was forecasted to move up the east coast and shut down major cities like Boston and New York (and then didn't quite live up to expectations most places)?  It was forecasted to hit Halifax just before dawn on Tuesday, and so on Monday afternoon the school made the decision to close for the day on Tuesday.  Which was nice, because I was then able to disarm my alarm clock and sleep an hour later than I would have otherwise.

There was some snow and some ice pellets and some freezing rain and some regular rain.  All very lovely to watch from my window as I sat at my desk.  I used the day as a Paper-Writing Day (also known as a pyjama day).  I had a paper due on Thursday, and before the snow day was called, I wasn't quite sure when I was going to have time to write it.  And so Tuesday morning, I sat down at my desk and got all of my research done for it by early afternoon.  I then had a lovely nap; and when I woke up the snow had stopped and so I went out and spent an hour shovelling the driveway and front steps.

The way my brain works is that if I can get away from what I am working on, especially if physical activity is involved, my brain will write what I am working on in my head so then it is just a matter of sitting down and getting it from my head in to the computer.  That is what I did after supper, and with only an hour or so of typing, I had my paper done.  Final proof-read on Wednesday night, and I had my paper ready to hand in on Thursday (and it was a much better paper than it would have been if Tuesday hadn't been a snow day!).

(After shovelling the driveway, I headed out to the grocery store, as Tuesday is student discount day.  I called ahead to make sure they were open, and the second place I called was open.  The great thing about grocery shopping on a day when the city is essentially shut down is that at 4:30 in the afternoon, the store was practically empty.  Mind you, the freezing rain was starting as I left the store, so I drove home very carefully.)

No picture of the snow to go with this post.  I could take a picture of the snow shovel that I bought on Monday in anticipation of the snow, and then put to work on Tuesday, but that would be boring.  A picture of my sore muscles after my first time shovelling since last April would be more interesting, but a bit more challenging to take!  Plus they are feeling much better today.

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  1. On our "Snow Day"s I get a handful of students and try to make it a worthwhile day without having to re teach everything the following day. Yesterday: watching and doing an oral activity of "les Barbapapa", playing store and computers!!
    Love Dada s