25 December 2014

Silent Night

"Silent night, holy night"
Breathless anticipation
standing on the threshold of holiness
time stretching out
and yet
over in a heartbeat.
Tongues and hearts falling silent
standing on the threshold of holiness.

"All is calm, all is bright"
In the stillness of the hours before dawn
in the velvety darkness
in the light of the street lamps
sparkling snowflakes drift softly towards the earth.

"Round yon virgin, mother and child"
The mystery of the incarnation
the improbability
the impossibility
the glorious absurdity of it all

"Holy infant, so tender and mild"
It is easy to imagine Jesus as a baby,
innocent, helpless
growing into smiles and love.
What about Jesus as a 7-year-old boy,
full of energy and questions and pranks?
What about Jesus as a teenager,
testing limits, growing independence, swinging needs?

"Sleep in heavenly peace"
Sleep little baby, knowing you are loved.
Sleep exuberant child, knowing you are loved.
Sleep uncomfortable teen, knowing you are loved.
Sleep questioning adult, knowing you are loved.
Sleep patient elder, knowing you are loved.
"Sleep in heavenly peace."


  1. Beautiful and thoughtful. Thanks, Kate.

  2. Beautiful, peaceful and very calming. I needed this in my life right now Kate......thank you ��

  3. Who wrote that?? Beautiful.
    Merry Christmas, dear friend.
    Love Dada s
    (Please pray for my family.)

  4. Thank you, Susan, Dee, and Sarah!
    (Sarah - I wrote this last Christmas - lots of stuff was floating around my brain on a sea of jetlag - the very early morning drive to the airport with light snow falling, the Knox kids squirming and running around during the Christmas eve service, Eddie getting bigger and baby Jonathan... Praying for you and your family always!)