5 December 2014


At this time of year I find myself bombarded with "Christmas' - usually in the form of poorly interpreted Christmas carols and seasonal songs in every public place, rampant consumerism, parties, stress, and and and…

In church-land, the four weeks leading up to Christmas make up the season of Advent, which marks the start of the church year.  Advent is a time of not-yet-Christmas.  Advent is a time of waiting, of preparation, of reflection, of expectation.  It is my favourite church season, especially in contrast with the "Christmas" in the world around.  Advent is a liminal time - an in-between time, on the threshold of something new.  Advent is a time to slow down and reflect.

I don't normally share my poetry with anyone outside of my journal, however here is a poem that I wrote a year ago, reflecting on Advent, and travel, and with a good dose of jet-lag thrown in.

This moment.
Outside of time
Outside of place
This moment.
What came before is finished
The future is yet to be.
this moment.
The past has been absorbed into our being
Standing on the threshold of the future.
This moment.
We are travellers together on the road
Each of us with our own path
yet led by one spirit.
Searching for light in the darkness
Searching for joy in the sorrow
Lives intersecting briefly in
this moment.

(my journal, where I sit to read and write and pray each morning)


  1. Thanks for sharing this Kate.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Kate ��

  3. Yet another talent to add to the list ... Lovely!
    Dada s