21 April 2015

The End of My First Year

I survived my first year of seminary!  Actually, that deserves a lot more exclamation points!!!!!  My last paper was submitted on the 10th, and since then I have been reading lots of non-school-books and watching lots of TV and movies and playing the piano (learning this Chopin waltz) and working through my to-do list that has been growing since January.

I will be heading "home" for a visit on Thursday, and then coming back here to start a couple of summer jobs in May - going back to my previous profession as a physiotherapist for the summer.

It was a good year, overall.  I have met some wonderful people; I have discovered a love for writing essays (yes, I know that I am slightly insane); I have grown in my confidence in so many ways; and my brain has been definitely been stretched.

I am excited for the summer, but I do miss the routine of school.  It will be good to get into a new routine once I start work.

(First year divinity students (minus one) being silly at the Informal Formal)


  1. Well done Kate! I never doubted for a minute that your year wouldn't be anything but awesome ��

  2. What a year! And, in true Dada Kate form, you've emerged with flying colours! Félicitations!
    Love dada s