30 March 2015

Winding down the term...

As I sit here at my computer, the term is winding down.  My last paper is due on April 10 (though I have an internal deadline of the day before since that is the day of my final class).  I still have one essay to finish editing, and two more to write.  The end of this term is feeling much less hectic than the end of last term did - I think that at this point last term, I still had 8 or 9 papers left to go.

I have been struggling with the editing process with the last paper I submitted (last Thursday) and the one that I am editing now.  The one I handed in last Thursday started out at 7 pages and I managed to edit it down to just over 6 - the instructions stated approximately 5 pages, and one of my friends pointed out that 7 is approximately 5 (or at least 7 is closer to 5 than it is to 100!).  The one I am handing in tomorrow is also to be 5 pages - it is a synthesis essay (i.e. synthesize everything that we have covered in this course all term into 5 pages double-spaced), and I am currently sitting at 6 pages with no idea how to cut any more while still answering the questions that I am to answer.  I will go over it a couple more times before bed, and then hit print.

The other two essays that I have to write are both research essays - one for Worship Foundations and one for United Church of Canada Doctrine.  The topics that I picked are both related to Sacramental Theology, so I am able to use some of the same resources for both.  The Worship Foundations one is on ecumenical recognition of baptism; and the Doctrine one will be about the doctrine related to Holy Communion.  I would like to do something around the "open table" concept, but I may not have enough information to write 9-12 pages on just that, so it may end up being just one section of the essay.

And once those are handed in, I will have a couple of weeks off before starting work in May!

(I am not attaching a photo to this blog post - both my desk and my table are covered in books and papers and I am ashamed to take a picture of them.)

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