9 November 2014

Beginning the Count-down

Not much to write about this week.  I've spent the weekend working on research for my Pastoral Foundations paper.  We weren't given many guidelines for this paper beyond being edgy, relevant, and finding resonance with the author.  And so, after much deliberation, I have decided to write on "Congregational Healing after Conflict."  (Some blog-readers may make the connection as to why this topic resonates with me.)  I think that I will tie it all together using a physiological wound-healing analogy (write about what you know, right?!) and use my own experiences with congregational conflict to make it relevant.

Also this weekend, I made Christmas Cakes (which are now ripening in my pantry) and roasted my Hallowe'en pumpkin so I have several containers of pumpkin-y goodness in my freezer now.

Last week, a couple of class-mates were pointing out how few weeks of school we have left - 4 1/2 to be exact.  My last class of the semester will be on December 9, with my last paper due on December 11 (fingers crossed it will be done before then).  And so, despite some resistance on my part, I have made up a mental to-do list of everything to get done before the end of the semester…

  • 8 papers to write (5 big ones, 3 smaller ones)
  • 1 group presentation
  • 1 oral exam
And then I will have not-quite-a-full-month off for Christmas holidays.  My plans include driving back to Ontario to visit family, and reading lots of novels!

Remembrance Day is a public holiday, so I won't have any classes on Tuesday this week.

And that's about all that is going on in my world for this week.


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  1. Your phone call the other night made my Sarah smile THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME SHE WAS ON THE PHONE WITH YOU.....and for that I thank you, and I thank Him for the friendship that you and Dada S have xo