6 September 2014


I have made it in to my new home!  Actually, I arrived on Monday afternoon, and this morning, 5 days later, the moving truck arrived.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks - 1 1/2 weeks of intensive packing up following a year of gradual purging.  One morning for the movers to load my stuff in to the moving truck.  4 days of driving to get from my old home to my new home, plus a 3-day stop to visit family and friends at the half-way point.  3 days of orientation at my new school.

Courses have been registered for; textbooks have been acquired; and classes are set to begin on Monday!

I am ready to go.  Except for the gazillion boxes (give or take) left to unpack.  Except that I don't yet have the internet hooked up at my new apartment (I've been fighting with the provider for the past 3 weeks to get this done).

I have some exciting new textbooks to geek out over.
I have a bus pass (included with my school fees) and the ferry ride across the harbour is lovely, especially on a sunny day.
I have a gym membership (also included with my school fees) - though I only got that sorted out yesterday so I haven't had a chance to visit it yet.
I was able to get a public library card yesterday, and they have free WiFi.
And I get to sleep in my own bed tonight rather than on the floor!

And so...

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  1. Glad to hear you are slowly getting settled in...........soon the boxes will all be unpacked :)